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Date Night

Steve Carell talks on a pay phone while Tina Fey looks terrified at something off camera in Date Night

As Printed in The Lumberjack on April 15, 2010

by Gary Sundt

Steve Carell and Tina Fey have become household names based on their ability play clueless people. Their latest film, Date Night, is a good example of just how good they can be at doing this. The two star as Phil and Claire Foster, an inconspicuous husband and wife who decide to switch up their routine when they steal someone else’s reservation at a high-end New York restaurant. Carell and Fey are perfect for these roles, because they are that sort of unassuming that makes you love them immediately, and their responses to every day life are as funny as their responses to the insanity that ensues in the big, scary city. Continue reading