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The Artist — ☆☆☆☆☆ out of 5 stars

Jean Dujardin stares at something off-camera in The Artist. (Photo courtesy of http://kalafudra.wordpress.com)

As Posted on AtTheBuzzerShow.com on February 4, 2011

By Gary Sundt

As I live in Los Angeles, I am an avid listener to the hilarious Kevin & Bean Show in the mornings on KROQ 106.7 FM. This past Tuesday, Kevin was complaining about The Artist, this year’s apparent frontrunner for the Best Picture Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards. Not only does our man Kevin dislike the film, but he has gone as far as to call it “utter BS.”

He has, of course, made up his mind having never seen the film, under the guise that it is for hipsters and intellectuals. He’s wrong, but we’re going to circle back to that. Continue reading

A Review of the Film Industry

As Printed in The Lumberjack on Oct. 14, 2010

by Gary Sundt

I didn’t review any of the releases at Harkins Flagstaff 11 this week. I didn’t want to see Katherine Heigl play the same character again. I didn’t really feel like seeing Seabiscuit 2: Electric Boogaloo. And I didn’t want to see Wes Craven continue to slash his legacy into the grave.

The poster for Life As We Know It, a movie I didn't see. (Photo courtesy of hollywoodtrailers.net)

Now, before you go thinking I was being lazy, and deem this a cop-out article, I wasn’t alone in this sentiment. Moviegoers seem to agree, as the top film at the box office was The Social Network (my vote thus far for best film of the year) for the second week in a row, but it only made $15 million. That’s not really a difficult number to beat at the weekly box office.

The fact is that all of the major movies released this past weekend were entirely uninteresting, and not especially worth my money or my time. Continue reading