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Interview with Sherman Alexie

Sherman Alexie, noted author and writer, speaks with The Lumberjack on Tuesday prior to his lecture in Ardrey Auditorium. Alexie has written a number of Native American books and is famous for his screenplay Smoke Signals, which is an award-winning feature film. - Jacob Petersen/ The Lumberjack (Photo courtesy of jackcentral.com)

As Printed in The Lumberjack on March 5, 2009

by Gary Sundt

Sherman Alexie walks into the Drury Inn Hotel & Suites with a stride that does not reflect his status as perhaps the most influential Native American writer working today. Dressed in a black suit with a blue collared shirt, the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene poet, novelist and filmmaker drove himself up from Phoenix to Flagstaff for the Feb. 26 appearance at Ardrey Auditorium entitled “Without Reservations: An Urban Indian’s Comic, Poetic and Highly Irreverent Look at the World.”

Seeming slightly worn from his trip as he sits down for the interview, Alexie admires the laptop on which our discussion will be recorded. Continue reading