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The Boondocks begins third season on a solid-yet-mixed note

Huey Freeman (voiced by Regina King) looks stoic (as per usual) in the Season 3 premiere of The Boondocks.

As seen on Jackcentral.com on April 29, 2010

by Gary Sundt

“Jesus was black, Ronald Reagan was the Devil, and the Government lied about 9/11.”

This is one of the defining pieces of dialogue from the first episode of The Boondocks, a brutally intelligent series on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Created by Aaron McGruder and based on his hugely popular comic strip, the show has won several awards, including a Peabody in 2006, and has been a consistently funny and witty satire on American society in the 21st century. After corporate disputes and a two-year hiatus, The Boondocks is back on May 2 for the third—and what is apparently the final—season of the series. Continue reading