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The Avengers — ☆☆☆☆☆ out of 5

As Posted on At The Buzzer on May 4, 2012

By Gary Sundt

I hated Marvel’s The Avengers. Continue reading

Top Five Reasons Non-Fans Should See Marvel’s The Avengers

As Posted on At The Buzzer on May 5, 2012

By Gary Sundt

Okay, so we all have friends who are either whiny hipsters or, even worse, elitists. They may not know it, but they are. How do you spot them? They’re that arrogant individual who turns their nose up at anything popular or mainstream, believing wholeheartedly that it couldn’t possibly be worth their time.

Case in point: Marvel’s The Avengers. These people couldn’t care less because they either think a) it’s stupid because it’s a superhero movie, b) it’s stupid because it’s popular, or c) it just “isn’t their speed.” Yes, there are obnoxious crowds, high ticket prices, or the unthinkable act of missing that Studio Ghibli retrospective at the local art house theater, but I (and/or those nearest and dear to you) still believe you should go!

Therefore, here are five very good reasons non-fans should see Marvel’s The Avengers in the movie theater as soon as possible. Continue reading

The Artist — ☆☆☆☆☆ out of 5 stars

Jean Dujardin stares at something off-camera in The Artist. (Photo courtesy of http://kalafudra.wordpress.com)

As Posted on AtTheBuzzerShow.com on February 4, 2011

By Gary Sundt

As I live in Los Angeles, I am an avid listener to the hilarious Kevin & Bean Show in the mornings on KROQ 106.7 FM. This past Tuesday, Kevin was complaining about The Artist, this year’s apparent frontrunner for the Best Picture Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards. Not only does our man Kevin dislike the film, but he has gone as far as to call it “utter BS.”

He has, of course, made up his mind having never seen the film, under the guise that it is for hipsters and intellectuals. He’s wrong, but we’re going to circle back to that. Continue reading

Iron Man 2 – ☆☆☆☆ 1/2 out of 5

by Gary Sundt

I am in disagreement with other film critics, because I think Iron Man 2 is every bit as good as its blockbuster predecessor. It capitalizes on everything that made the first installment great, while expanding the complex superhero universe we already know. Robert Downey Jr. returns in the title role, and there are more explosions, more double-crosses, and more junk science than the original.

Essentially, if you enjoyed what made the first Iron Man soar, than there is no reason to think you won’t enjoy the sequel. Continue reading

Comic-book mastermind Ed Brubaker to pen series for Crackle.com


Photo Courtesy of shocktillyoudrop.com


Zoë Bell Cast As Ed Brubaker’s “Angel of Death”

San Diego, CA. – July 24, 2008

Comics mastermind and Eisner Award-winning writer Ed Brubaker (Criminal, The Death of Captain America) and White Rock Lake Productions have teamed up to produce Angel of Death, a new live-action series for Crackle.com, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s online video network, that will premiere in 2009.

Stuntwoman turned actress Zoë Bell (Death Proof, Double Dare) has been cast as the lead character in the series, which depicts a remorseless assassin (Bell) in the employ of a ruthless crime family. After suffering a severe head wound, she becomes so haunted by her victims that she decides to kill the people who ordered the hits, one by one. Angel of Death will premiere in 2009 on www.crackle.com/angelofdeath. Each 8-10 minute installment will be released over the course of 10 weeks.

“Besides the elation I feel about having a project I wrote actually being filmed, which is huge for any writer, I’m just as thrilled about having Zoë Bell signed on to star in Angel of Death,” said creator/writer Ed Brubaker. “And working with Crackle and Sony Pictures Television to give viewers instant access to the series online is completely overwhelming.”

Angel of Death is exactly the kind of high-caliber original content our audience has come to expect from Crackle,” said Sean Carey, senior executive vice president, Sony Pictures Television. “The combination of Ed’s sensibility and Zoë’s talent is sure to keep loyalists and new viewers alike coming back for more.”

Ed Brubaker is an Eisner Award-winning writer best know for his work in comics, which includes such titles as The Death of Captain America, Batman, Criminal, The Authority, and others.

Brubaker’s work is credited for helping to revive the crime comics’ genre, and has also been translated into eleven languages around the world. Angel of Death was created and written by Ed Brubaker, and will be produced by John Norris and directed by Paul Etheredge.The series is produced by White Rock Lake Productions and will be distributed by Sony Pictures Television.

Press release courtesy of Sony Pictures Television.